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We're NU MARKET, and our approach is really simple. We work with women to empower women.

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designed to empower.

We partner with ethnic-minority women artisan communities in China to bring their unique craftsmanship to you and then reinvest 20% of our profits into the communities to provide new opportunities through training & literacy programs.

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Our mission

Nu Market supports women artisans by opening economic opportunities and reinvesting in their communities.

Best of all worlds

Our modern accessories feature previously unavailable handmade textiles, which are created using centuries-old techniques. They're (almost) as unique as you. 

Equality Through Enterprise

Our goal is to open economic opportunities for artisans who often have limited job opportunities beyond agriculture. 

preserving tradition

With few economic incentives, handicraft traditions are at risk of disappearing. We want to change that by bringing them to a modern market and celebrating their unique beauty.

partner communities

We work with three women artisan communities in southwest China known for their intricate embroidery, hand-weaving and indigo batik.

Training for the future

We reinvest our profits into training initiatives in partner communities, helping make women’s traditional handicrafts both a sustainable and fulfilling livelihood.