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Why Nu Market?

sustainable and fair

We work directly with women artisans across the world, sourcing their unique handmade textiles using fair trade practices. With no middleman, we're able to bring their exquisite handcrafts directly to you.

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Long-lasting and beautiful

Nu Market fabrics are loom-woven and made from local, hand-picked cotton along with natural dyes to guarantee their small environmental footprint. 

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bridging worlds

Traditional artisan designs and techniques from around the world. Handmade. 

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Our Mission

Textile traditions are at risk of disappearing. We're working to change that while empowering women artisans who keep these beautiful handicraft techniques alive. 20% of Nu Market's profits fund literacy education and business training.

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"Perfect size. perfect features"

Chelsea Helms
(Los Angeles, CA)

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"I just love it. It comes with me everywhere i go."

Ashley Fields
(Savannah, GA)

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"The lining is gorgeous! Beautiful leather. what's not to love??"

Rachel Duval
(Dallas, TX)

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