So, what is it that Nu Market does?
Nu Market creates beautiful handbags, totes, crossbody bags, and backpack purses designed for the modern woman. What makes us special, however, is that each of our handbags features a handicraft created by women artisans from rural China. We then reinvest 20% of all of our profits back into our artisan partners to provide training and new opportunities otherwise not afforded to them.
We are on a mission to help create equality through ecommerce, and also to help bring these beautiful traditional handicrafts to a modern market with the hopes of building awareness and helping to preserve them.
What does “Nu” mean?
Nu means “woman” in Chinese. We are a company committed to empowering women, and we wanted to make sure that’s reflected in everything we do, including our company’s name.
What does “empowered” mean to Nu Market?
We believe that being empowered means having the ability to be your truest self, to pursue your passion and to explore and celebrate the unique individual that you are.
For many of our artisans, there are economic barriers in the way based solely on their gender, and it’s our goal to reinvest into the communities of artisans to help empower them so they can pursue their dreams.
Why was Nu Market started?
While traveling through remote regions of southwest China, we discovered beautiful handicraft traditions, preserved by geographic remoteness and refined by generations of women artisans. But in a region faced with illiteracy and limited job opportunities beyond agriculture, women artisans today often lack a marketplace for their handicrafts beyond their own villages.

We began Nu Market because we saw true potential in connecting women from two worlds: Entrepreneurial, talented, inspiring women artisans in rural China with stylish, sophisticated, socially-conscious individuals in the United States. We think it’s a good match!
How many women are you currently working with?
We work with over 1,500 women artisans from hundreds of communities throughout rural China. We are constantly exploring new and diverse areas around the world, meeting skills and innovative women everywhere we go.
Prior to Nu Market, what would happen with the handicrafts that the women are creating?
The handicrafts would be sold to intrepid travelers who visited the women artisans in their villages or attended the closest town during market days; sales are generally very limited geographically, and buyers aren't long-term partners. Additionally, many of the handicrafts are for their family or friends or local celebrations.
So, we know you reinvest 20% of your profits into the women? What does that 20% do?
We're working with Citi Foundation in the Guizhou region and other local non-profits who are best equipped to deliver trainings and literacy programs. These programs help open additional opportunities for the artisans so that they can follow pursuits beyond those currently afforded to them. Follow us on instagram or on our website to stay involved in these programs.
How do they make the linings?
The unique Indigo lining in our handbags is made through the batik process (dragging melted beeswax on the fabric, dyeing the fabric in indigo several times with washes in between, then melting of the beeswax) and the light blue lining is handwoven on a loom. **make this more general, or expand it. We’re going to be doing many more fabrics, but this should be a little larger in the scale for the description yet speak a little bit more generally.
When are the other styles going to be available?
Our leather tote, crossbody bag, and backpack purse are available now. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about sales and new arrivals!
How do you source your leather?
Imported from one of the finest leather tanneries in Italy, the Nu Market leather on your tote bag, crossbody purse, or backpack purse is not only of the highest quality, it has also been produced under strict environmental standards from an ISO 9001 certified tannery. The tannery has been verified by Der Blaue Engel for their strict compliance to environmental and human safety manufacturing procedures. The final milled grain leather gives every single bag and an incredibly soft, luxurious hand feel, without the guilt of a dirty manufacturing processes laden with sludge and hazardous chemicals.
Do you intend to sell in store ever?
Yes, but only in specialty boutiques. The best way to purchase Nu Market and join our mission to help empower women is to buy online.