Our Story

Our Story 
While traveling through remote regions of Yunnan and Guizhou in southwest China, we discovered beautiful handicraft traditions, preserved by geographic remoteness and refined by generations of women artisans. But in a region faced with illiteracy and limited job opportunities beyond agriculture, women artisans today often lack a marketplace for their handicrafts beyond their own villages. 

What started as an idea on a napkin has grown into an organization that works directly with 500+ Miao and Yi women artisans, doing everything we can to expand their market access and economic opportunity. 

Our Philosophy
We began Nu Market because we saw true potential in connecting women from two worlds: Entrepreneurial, talented, inspiring women artisans in Yunnan and Guizhou provinces, with stylish, sophisticated, socially-conscious individuals. We think it’s a good match!
Nu Market is about more than just beautiful handicrafts. Purchases directly support the women artisans we work with; 20% of our profits fund women's education, helping make women’s traditional handicrafts both a sustainable and meaningful livelihood.

The Meaning Behind Our Name
Nu ( 女, 'nü,' third tone) means “woman” or "female" in Mandarin Chinese. Supporting the work of women artisans is central to our work, and we wanted to make sure our name reflected that.