Product Care

We want you to love your Nu Market handbag, backpack purse, crossbody bag or leather tote forever, and wanted to share some tips on how to keep it at its best.

Your bag is special and full of character. Each one is made of all-natural leather that is its authentic self without paints, pigments, or other "enhancing" treatments. 

Your bag will shine with natural beauty. Should scratch marks appear, simply use your fingertips to rub them out. Spots and small stains will also become less obvious the more you wear your bag. 

Over time, the color of your handbag may change to a warmer hue. Celebrate this new shade, it is the natural course of unaltered leather, and everything is better au naturale.

Simply put, wear your bag as often as your heart desires. Embrace its imperfections, or beauty marks as we like to call them, and enjoy it for exactly what it is. 

Your handbag will do the rest.