Nu Market

Nu Market advances economic equality in rural areas by expanding women artisans' market access


Economically empowering women artisans


Bridging the gender gap through local enterprise


In-house design highlighting tradition



Source-to-shelf delivery and fulfillment


Start-to-finish retail-focused product management


Connecting consumers to responsibly-sourced products


How it works

Ethnic minority women in China and elsewhere have limited job opportunities in rural areas beyond agriculture, and many women are illiterate. They produce beautiful traditional handicrafts however lack a marketplace beyond their villages. 
Nü Market expands ethnic minority women artisans' marketplace access, transforming handmade textiles into finished products and introducing consumers to traditional ethnic minority designs through e-commerce. Nü Market's profits are reinvested to empower partner women artisan communities ultimately to sell their own goods.

Retail Partnerships

Nü Market provides a marketable, meaningful and sustainable way for retailers to achieve their social responsibility goals by accelerating women's economic independence and literacy while selling unique products rich with tradition. Please get in touch if you're interested in product partnerships.